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March 23 10:32 AM

Stone Juice Epoxy, pavement resurface, asphalt resurface, decorative pavement, decorative surface, indoor flooring, pool patio, color driveway, color streets, walking paths, sidewalks. Perfect pothole binder: use any aggregate, instantly hardens any material, forever.


Stone Juice A/B epoxy is perfect for decorating town centers, shopping centers, and the front of public institutions.

Scenario: you already have a hard surface (asphalt, concrete, etc) but it no longer looks as nice as it did years ago. Taking it out and putting a new one in is out of the question, you want a DIY solution, where you can work fast without special machinery.

What if there was a way to make it so incredibly good looking, that people will start talking about it? What if you could do this without compromising the strength? There is nothing stronger, better looking or longer lasting than Stone Juice two-part Epoxy, there just isn't. The trick was making it affordable. For pricing details, request information here and we will email you details which can help you calculate your project cost.

Welcome to "Stone Juice Epoxy", specially designed by the experts at to be easy to use, perform above your expectations, and look so good, you'll want to show it off. Did we mention it cures fast? Yup. You better work fast, because in 2.5 hours after you mix it, the "stone juice" becomes simply STONE.

You can apply it in a thin layer right on top of the existing old pavement. Of course you start after you power wash the old pavement and cover all the cracks and holes. 

Usage: Mix the epoxy with the hardener (it ships in 2:1 ratio to you in separate containers marked A and B). Each 1.5 Kg of mixed epoxy/hardener is then mixed into 100-120 Kg of rocks. This paves approx. 5-6 square meters (53-64 square feet) at 1 cm thick. Mix epoxy/hardener in a bucket, then use a portable cement mixer to mix it with your rock before you apply and spread it.

Your own design: Use any small pebbles or rocks, any pattern, any color, and THAT becomes your new surface. The epoxy cures CLEAR so the rocks you use are the design. Complete freedom of expression. Some of our clients use colored glass or glow-in-the-dark pebbles as their aggregate for unbelievable aesthetics.

Impervious: Remember how the polymer needs sharp rocks and lots of fines, to help the compaction? The epoxy doesn't care. Use any rocks (smaller is better so you can work thin and use less product). No need for a compactor, except to prepare a hard base under it.

Weatherproof: Work year round. As long as you have a few hours of clear weather above freezing, you can work with it.

Stays Clear: The strongest multipurpose A/B glue formula that will not yellow over time.

Limitations: For strength and longevity, it should be held in place by a side border, this can be made of bricks, cement  or other materials, just like you do for your cement and asphalt. Clarity of epoxy may be lost over time is subjected to heavy traffic. Perfect for sidewalks, driveways, side streets, and other areas with pedestrian and/or limited vehicular traffic.

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Stone Juice - make it hard, make it last, make it beautiful. Request info.

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