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The Polymer Paving Starter Guide

December 23 2:33 PM

This manual is intended to serve as a guideline for those interested in planning, financing, managing or executing soil improvement and ground modification projects, such as building hard driving surfaces using copolymers as particle binders... read more

Kompaflex MX (mix-in)

August 05 1:12 PM

KompaFlex MX is an eco-friendly, affordable alternative to asphalt.. read more

KompaFlex SP (spray-on)

August 29 8:34 PM

Low cost multipurpose KompaFlex SP

KompaFlex SP  polymer our economy grade polymer for general applications. It is the ideal solution for dust control in traffic,.. read more

LeviTrap SP (traffic antidust)

August 05 1:13 PM

LeviTrap SP is a heavy-duty dust suppressant that is used for traffic applications. This blend is specifically.. read more

LeviTrap EQ (equestrian antidust)

September 19 9:39 AM

LeviTrap EQ (Equestrian) is a highly effective dust control product that has been specifically formulated to eliminate the health hazards of dust in Arenas and Stables.

The product.. read more

Stone Juice Epoxy

March 23 10:32 AM

Stone Juice Epoxy, pavement resurface, asphalt resurface, decorative pavement, decorative surface, indoor flooring, pool patio, color driveway, color streets, walking paths, sidewalks. Perfect pothole binder: use any aggregate, instantly hardens any material, forever.


Stone.. read more


September 23 10:10 PM

Geofiber / Geotextiles, Geogrid, Geocell, geomembrane, geotextile, waterstop, geonet, drainage board, drainage geonet, gabion mesh, exhibition carpet, and other types.. read more

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